My Healthy Journey

My Story:

My journey started after I graduated college in 2001. This is when the real world met me and I did not keep up with all the demands that came with it. My weight slowly crept up and with that began the downward spiral of the healthy lifestyle I created for myself in college. I dabbled in different weight loss programs to help get my weight back in check, but the vicious cycle of my weight just kept happening. I would lose a little weight then something would give me an excuse to stop what I was doing and go back to unhealthy habits. Unfortunately, this cycle continued until I had my son in 2015. It was when I gained over 40 pounds during that pregnancy on top of the already unhealthy weight I was prior to his birth that I realized enough was enough. I needed to take control and stop letting life get in the way of me living the lifestyle I so want to live.

After many years of dabbling with all the weight loss programs of the world, I was introduced to another program that I was able to work within the Summer of 2017. With the help of Flexible Dieting/Nutritional Coach Paige VanDemark, I used the summer to commit myself to a healthier lifestyle using the principals of Flexible Dieting (also known as IIFYM (If It Fits in Your Macros).

My Current Health Journey

Currently, I am working with a certified nutritionist through the POP Weight Loss Program. When the summer ended and my life got crazy again and Flexible Dieting was not working for me. I needed something to hold me accountable weekly. When school started I quickly spiraled out of control with my food choices. I dreaded going back to Weight Watchers(the only thing I liked was the weekly weigh-ins) and knew I needed something more personalized to me. I loved working with Coach Paige virtually but needed an even more personal approach. I researched different options in my area and found POP. I reached out for a consult and immediately fell in love with the nutritionist and the approach.

What is POP? (From their website)

It is a medically supervised personal, one-on-one, program specifically customized just for you. It will teach you how to lose weight and keep it off forever.

Pop was founded by Dr. Rebecca Cipriano, a board-certified medical doctor, and author, with a master’s degree in clinical nutrition. Pop Weight Loss is a dynamic and unique program that offers continual, personalized support from certified practitioners and nutritionists throughout your entire weight loss journey.

I began the program in November to get my feet wet into what life would be like using the POP program. I officially started on January 2, 2018. Here is my progress so far:

Date: Loss/ Gain: Weight Loss Total:
1/13/18 -5.2 -5.2
1/20/18 -1.6 -6.8
1/27/18 -0.4 -7.2