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“Living the Dream”


Someone a few weeks ago told me after she saw my weekly schedule and the bags under my eyes…”You are truly living the dream!”. “Whose dream?!” I exclaimed back all while drinking my next cup of coffee to get me through my day.

I didn’t really know how to respond to this as the last 3 months have been a complete whirlwind. I am blessed by an amazing family who makes me a better person daily!  I quickly began to realize how much I enjoyed my summer break. As a teacher, I am one of the lucky ones to have my summer home with my children. We made so many memories with our many adventures to the pool, beach, campfires with family, and just enjoying the time off from the hustle and bustle that the school year brings. This summer was also the summer that I finally reclaimed my health after many years of poor eating and not moving as much as I should have . I stopped making excuses and began working on me. I made a plan and I stuck to it. This is huge for me! In past summers, I would make some amazing goals for myself in June and would find myself in the same place at the end of the summer. It was a vicious cycle that I so desperately wanted to end and I finally did this summer. With a great coach, planning my meals weekly, journaling everything I placed into my mouth, and working out at least 5 times a week, I was able to feel good about my health and finally felt comfortable in my own body. Then reality hit   smacked me in the face. I started back to work and everything changed.

I tried to keep myself in the routine that I had established in the summer. This just added to the stress that I was already under with the new demands of the school year, my kids after school activities starting right as school started, and the never ending baskets of food that seemed to be every where I turned. The short version of this story is I gained some weight back and my body was a mess. Actually a real hot mess! I realized quickly with the holidays only a few weeks away that I needed take control. Even if I could maintain and get my body moving that would be better than nothing. I have been slowly getting back into my focused “mode” and feeling better day by day.

In speaking to the many people who help me get back on track, I made a list of things that I find helpful to keep myself on track. Blogging came up in our conversation. I love this space to document my amazing food finds, my wellness progress, and the daily thoughts that swirl in my brain. So with my free time this weekend I decided to publish my thoughts and share where I am at in my journey.

At this moment I am in a good place. In the middle of October I reached out for some much needed help. It was not easy but I did it. I knew I was emotionally eating my stressed out feelings and needed to work through it in a different way. I loved having a coach to bounce ideas off of and looking over my food choices, but I was missing something. One of my favorite parts of being a Weight Watchers member last year was the weekly weigh in. I knew I was facing the scale weekly in some other place besides my bathroom. It kept me accountable. After doing some research I found someone to help me continue my journey. I am not ready to go into full details yet, but I can say I am feeling great and actually have a plan going into the holiday season.


So yes….I am living the dream. My dream to be a healthier me in 2018. Here’s to a great end to 2017!

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