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Meet Coach Paige


  Meet Coach Paige:

Flexible Dieting-Style Nutrition Coaching

 Paige VanDemark- ISSA Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist

(also enrolled in classes to obtain a Mac-Nutrition Universal Certification)

Philosophy: I have an interesting background in regards to nutrition and food- I grew up seeing a loved one battle an eating disorder. From a fairly early age, I thought that ‘food was the enemy.’ Restriction and starving were, in my mind, the answers- no matter the question. Thankfully, as I grew and began to study nutrition and learn more about that, the human body, and overall health- as well as life, generally- I realized how wrong all those beliefs were. Starving your body most often leads to truly incredibly unfortunate outcomes… nothing good comes of that. Strength, balance, confidence, and, more than anything, health should be the goals even over some number on a scale. I know now not only how valuable health is, but also self-love, good relationships and happiness. My coaching is nutritional, sure, but I aim for it to be so much more than that. If I can work with you to improve your nutrition AND your outlook on yourself and life, I’ve done my job. You deserve the balance and joy that self-love and respect can bring, no matter your size.

Credentials: Out of college, I worked as a strength and conditioning coach for athletes at Next Level Strength and Conditioning in Fairport, NY, before I realized I loved and preferred the nutritional aspect of things, especially with woman, and so then began as an independent women’s nutrition coach and trainer. I am indeed certified as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist by the International Sports Sciences Association. I have also taken continuing education courses through the ISSA in topics such as eating disorders, marathon training, addictions, and hormones and performance. I am also currently in a year-long course to obtain a Mac-Nutritional Universal Certification as a nutritionist and believe strongly in the value of always aiming for more education and knowledge.


Methods: I use and subscribe to an evidence-based approach- my coaching and nutritional advice come from science- studies, research, and the like- and how those transfer into real life. I do not use techniques and information that come from ‘that big guy in the gym.’ Being an evidence-based practitioner takes some work, but it is well worth it.

 A little about me: I currently live in Fairport, NY, where I grew up. Home sweet home! I was a powerlifter before my hips gave out on me (three surgeries later…) but am hoping to return to it this year! I grew up as an athlete (track and field, horseback riding, lacrosse, cross country, and boxing) and competed at a collegiate level in track at the University of Rochester, where I obtained my undergraduate degrees. Out of the gym, I spend most of my time either with family and friends, walking and hiking with my two Greyhounds, reading, writing, and playing with my ferret, or exploring the area.

*I do not claim to be a medical doctor or registered dietitian and my advice should not be taken over the instructions or directions of a licensed physician or medical professional. I am not liable for injury, loss, or illness. I do not claim to give out professional medical advice, and diet and training are undertaken at the choice of the client. By accepting my advice and giving payment, you accept that, as above, I am not liable or under blame.

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