Weight Watcher Down….How to Incorporate Exercise with a Lower Leg Injury
Sunday March 09th 2014, 9:29 am
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There is one thing in life that I am not good at, being patient. I wonder why my children are so impatient, they take after me. This month’s Weight Watchers Live Life Active campaign has me motivated to be more active. Over the last month I have been increasing my exercise and hitting the pavement training for the Run Like a Mother 5k race in May. This will be my first official 5K and I am psych to have something to train for. I started using the treadmill and when weather permitted the outside road to begin my training. I didn’t have a specific training program or regimen just started walking and running in short intervals when my body was ready. During these workouts my right foot began to ache but being me I “trained” though it. I thought it was my body revolting for not doing exercise since the summer or my shoes not being in great condition. I bought a new pair of shoes and began to train again. On Wednesday, my foot began to really ache. As a teacher I am always on my feet so I really did not think much about it. On Thursday my foot was swollen and it was painful to walk on. With my tail between my legs I finally went to the doctor. After an examination and x-ray he determined that I strained some ligaments on my foot between my last few toes. He gave me strict orders to stay off of it for at least week or until I was inflammation and pain free. The doctor also suggested that I stick to less impact exercise for at least a month (biking, swimming, slow walking). I was so upset! So many things were swirling through my mind: how is this going to affect my weight loss, how am I going to be able to compete in May, and worse of all how will I stay still!? I have been a good little patient and begrudgingly following the doctors’ orders. I also have the help of my amazing Chiropractor who has been ensuring my foot is properly aligned and doing other treatment to help with the swelling. My foot is feeling much better. Of course me being me, I want to get back on the road now. I won’t because I want to heal properly and begin to train the RIGHT WAY!!

photo I have learned a lot with this experience. First and the most important…..listen to my body. Pain is not a good thing. There is a difference between fatigue pain and injury pain. Second, consult with a fitness expert to find a training regimen that works with your current body size and fitness level. Third and last, do what you can with what you have today. The 5k is not the be all and end all. It is a goal to work up to. I wanted to go all out and be a running champion. Obviously that plan has backfired. So instead of sitting on the coach feeling sorry for myself, I have decided to find other ways to incorporate movement into my life. Here are some great resources I wanted to share for others who maybe in similar situations.

Heather Frey’s Footless Workout #1- Cardio Circuit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOQhbcusYZY

Fat Loss From Home: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YI0j8nLiZmE

Exersise for Lower Body Injuries: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghKN5IPwAPk

Fitness Blender’s Chair Routine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AuLqYh4irI

I will be back on the road soon! It might take me a little longer to reach my personal goals but I will get there.

Have you had an injury set back your fitness goals? What did you do to mentally get yourself in a better place?

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