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Sunday February 23rd 2014, 6:37 pm
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I don’t often speak of my teaching career, but this week I had a moment that really changed my vision on why I am on my current health journey. It is the littlest things in the classroom that make me the teacher I am. The highlight of my week has been a conversation that my students had about me in my classroom. Here is a brief snippet of what transpired:

A group of my students (these are 13 and 14 year olds for frame of reference) were talking about how candy is not a food group, as one of them was eating Sour Patch Kids for breakfast. Another one looks over to me as I am drinking water from my giant size bottle at my desk and says we all need to be like Mrs. Seals. He continues to “educate” the group about how I am always drinking water, eating healthy snacks, and cooking good food. The conversations ends with this particular student saying how good I have been looking and that they all need to work on themselves because summer is coming. It made my day! I am nowhere near looking like my ideal “healthy” look but others are noticing my healthy living choices. I don’t think there is anything better than that!

I have many reasons why I have enjoyed being a Weight Watcher member again. I feel empowered, supported, and most of all accountable for my current healthy living journey. I am no longer thinking about how much weight I am or not losing, it is about am I making healthy choices for myself. A bonus will of course be losing weight, but it will not measure my success in any way. I think this eliminates negative self-talk, which always lead me to sabotage whatever healthy good things that I am doing. I will no longer let a poor eating choice or a day of not being to exercise down play all the really good things I am doing to better myself.

In the meeting room this week we discussed so many topics that spoke to me. If you are ever curious about Weight Watchers, I highly encourage you to attend a meeting to see what it is all about. For me it is a weekly cheerleading session that makes me realize that I am not in this alone. People share their success and struggles and humanizes the weight loss process. No one is alone in our meeting room. Our leader Betsy, is our biggest cheerleader. She makes you want to better yourself and achieve the goals you have set. This week she asked us about our Weight Watcher tool belt that helps us be successful on the program. After making a list for myself, I wanted to share with you what helps me stay on track and make the most of the Weight Watcher program.

Mom on the Run’s Weight Watchers Tool Belt for Success


1. Attend meetings! I cannot stress this enough. I attend meetings at my local Weight Watchers center on 8:00 AM on Saturday mornings. This time works perfectly for me. It’s early, but it also gives me the day to do other things and spend time for the family. It is an hour of “me” time to refocus for the week and get new ideas. Meetings are less than an hour long and the inspiration from the room is priceless. Interested in learning more? Find a Weight Watchers meeting near you.


2. Tracking your food- This is a great way to keep yourself accountable. Weight Watchers makes this very easy with their great online app with their etools membership. You have a way to find the points for your food at your fingertips. I also find myself using my paper tracker as well because there are times that I do not have access to my phone and need to write it as I am biting it. I then transfer my paper tracker to my phone tracker so I have everything stored online. There are many different ways you can track your food and finding the way that works for you may take practice.


3. Food Scale- I am not a good food “estimator” because my eye will sometimes lead me to trouble. An additional ounce of any food can add up. I like having this kitchen tool to keep me accountable of my portions. My personal recommendation is the Escali Scale. I like the ease and accuracy of this scale but there are many cheaper version that work just as good.



4. Measuring Cups/Spoons- When you do not have access to a food scale, measuring cups are the next best thing. I have multiple sets in my kitchen and also a collapsible set that I purchased through Weight Watchers at my local meeting. At restaurants I can measure out my portion and then save the rest for another time. I keep a plastic baggie in my purse to keep the dirty ones in until I get home to clean them. The more accurate you are with your food measures, the better results you see on the scale.





5. Activity Monitor- In this category I have two favorites. There are pros and cons to each device. My first favorite is the Body Media Fit. I love all the features it has to offer and it is very accurate. It even monitors sleep activity, which I know I do not get enough of. The con is it is very noticeable and it bulky. This is why I like the Weight Watchers Activity Link. I can clip the Activity Link onto my bra strap and go. No one notices that I am even wearing a device. Sometimes in my classroom the less distractions the better. Having an activity monitor keeps me accountable for my movement. I never realized how much I did not move during certain parts of the day. With the activity monitor I can consciously add a quick walk around the building during times I know I am not getting enough activity. It is very helpful reminder to get my butt in gear.




6. Meal Planning- Menu planning is part of my weekly routine. I use a variety of different tools to help me plan family friendly meals for the week. Resources that I pull from are usually cookbooks, blog posts, and online meal planning site. One of my favorite sites is Slender Kitchen. Slender Kitchen is a great meal planning website for Weight Watchers members to help give ideas for all meals throughout the day and snacks. Kristen, creator of Slender Kitchen, takes all the guess work out of planning meals and provides you a calendar, grocery shopping list, and recipes to make a weeks’ worth of meals within your Weight Watchers Point Plus values. She has a very affordable yearly program so check out Slender Kitchen for all your meal planning needs. (PS: There is a Mom on the Run Giveaway for a Slender Kitchen Year Long Subscription coming your way!).

All of these tools keep me on track and going each week. Without them I would not be in the good place that I am currently in. I know there are more tools to add to this list, but this will give any new Weight Watchers member a really good start for success.

What type of tools do you have for maintaining healthy lifestyle? Do you have tools to add to the list? I would love to know what works for you!

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What a great “teaching” moment! You can be sure you’re impacting your students through more than just book learning. Keep up those great health habits. What an inspiration!
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Comment by jelli 02.24.14 @ 7:23 am

My biggest tool is balance. We ate KFC recently, but all of our other meals days before and after that were mostly fruits and vegetables. I’ll be doing a post about this soon :-)

Comment by Jolene ( 02.25.14 @ 6:05 am

Balance is so key to success! Thank you for reminding me because I somehow always lose sight of that factor.

Comment by 02.25.14 @ 8:11 pm

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