#Sponsored: Tales from the Potty Part 2—Pull Ups First Flush Ambassador
Wednesday March 26th 2014, 7:51 am
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“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Pull-Ups. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.”

Life has been very busy. March has come in like a Lion, and I am struggling to keep up with all of the life events that have entered our family calendar. In the middle of all this family business I am continuing to potty train the 3 year old. We have had to find potties in the most interesting of places. Try finding a porta-potty in the middle of winter on the soccer field. Does not happen! She has been a trooper through all of it. It has been interesting potty training a little one in the winter time. With our middle child we did it in the summer months. I realize how much easier it is to do with so much less clothing!

Ever since being selected to be a Pull-Ups® First Flush Ambassador we have had so many more resources and tips from the Big Kids Academy on the Pull-Ups® website. One of our favorite tools from the site has been the celebration wheel for a successful potty trip. We have customized the wheel for rewards that she likes. As avid watchers of a familiar spin the wheel game show, it is fun to have our own Mom on the Run wheel!


Knock on wood we have not had an accident in over two weeks!!! Now we just need to work on night time wetting. This was the hardest part of potty training for our two oldest daughters as well. I am thankful that Pull-Ups® training pants are designed to look and fit more like underwear because my daughter does not want to be a baby anymore. I love that there are night time wearing ones to keep accidents less messy. I am looking for tips and tricks for this area now. If you have any please send them my way!

We have also liked that there is the Big Kid App available on Apple and Android smart phones. The app offer videos and songs and a Big Kid checklist to help your little one in his or her nighttime routine. It is so easy to bring your IPad with you to administer instant rewards. My daughter especially loves the Big Kid Nighttime Checklist and the “Bye-Bye to Diapers” video.

Make sure to visit Big Kid Academy on the Pull-Ups website and Twitter or Facebook page to have a wealth of tips and tricks at your fingertips if you need potty training for yourself. Your toddler and sanity will appreciate it!

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When my niece and nephew were in the potty training phase, my sister would put the kids to bed around 7:30 or 8 pm. She would stop beverages an hr before bedtime and do the night time ritual of brushing teeth, use the potty, etc and then right to bed. She, herself would go to sleep around 10:30 or 11 and right before she went to bed, she would bring them from their bed to the potty. The kids were half asleep but she would place them on the potty and say “time to make pee- pee, caleb/ciera” and once they did their business, they went right back to bed. I’m not sure how long she had to do this but for the sake of dry sheets in the AM, I thought I would share with you. MUCH LUCK TO YOU!!!
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